The Right Message
at the Right Time

Selling a product is easier to someone who is looking
to buy that product. Let CORE help you identify the
right triggers for your product.

Trigger Marketing Timing

Everyone has heard the phrase ‘Timing is everything’… and in trigger marketing it's especially true.  In fact, timing and execution speed are the key factors that will make or break your trigger marketing campaigns.

Imagine for a moment that John is looking to buy a new TV in two weeks when he gets paid.  In the meantime he's doing his research, conducting Internet searches, reading reviews and comparing brands.  Along the way one of John's searches initiates a trigger and his name goes out to two TV retailers.

Retailer A chooses CORE to implement their trigger marketing campaigns.  CORE monitors our trigger files daily and immediately launches a trigger based email campaign and direct mail follow-up to John within 24 hours of the time John triggered.

Retailer B chooses Agency Z, who batches trigger files and execution into monthly batches.  They email John at the end of the month in their monthly batch. Unfortunately for them John doesn't have time to open their messages because he's too busy watching his new flat-screen that he bought from Retailer A two weeks ago.

Timing and execution speed determine success or failure in trigger marketing

At CORE we know that timing is critical and all of our trigger marketing strategies revolve around constant monitoring and immediate execution of your marketing campaigns. We provide you with the quickest turnaround to get your company in front of the customer the second they signal their need for your product. Unlike most traditional marketing agencies, we are able to fulfill your campaigns every day – no matter what your volume may be.

By aligning the content and timing of your message with consumer needs, you are increasing the relevance, response and revenue from your marketing efforts.