Throw Away Your
Traditional Data Models

Stale models based off of stale data will produce
stale results. Actions taken TODAY tell you what
your customers need NOW.

Trigger Marketing Strategies

A trigger is defined as, "an event that precipitates other events." Therefore the most effective trigger marketing strategies are ones that let you identify an event in a consumer's life that indicate they have an upcoming need for your product or service.

Your business doesn't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars developing complex data models based on years worth of old data that the statistics gurus will try to convince you can help you identify your customers. It's time to throw out the traditional data models and replace them with a strategy built upon consumers' actions TODAY.

Every successful marketing campaign must start with a strong and compelling initial strategy. At CORE, our trigger marketing campaigns focus on identifying actions that consumers are taking that indicate they have an upcoming need for your product or service. For examples of some common triggers, visit our Common Trigger Marketing Triggers page.

No matter what your product or service is, consumers are always signaling they have a need for it. It's our job to show you when they initiate these signals, and present them with the most relevant messages and offers. Targeted delivery and swift execution allows your trigger marketing campaigns to elicit a higher-than-average rate of response, leading to a higher Return On Investment (ROI). Our trigger marketing methods produce campaigns that are more precise and lower in volume, helping you minimize your financial risk and waste.

Whether you need to defend or increase existing market share, expand relationships with your existing customer base or acquire new customers to build your business, The CORE has the strategy expertise necessary to reach and exceed your marketing objectives.

Why CORE's Trigger Marketing Campaigns Work

» We identify the right triggers for your business

» We monitor your triggers DAILY and execute your trigger marketing campaigns immediately

» We prove the effectiveness with the results