The Proof is in
the Results

Return On Investment (ROI) is all that matters.
If your marketing campaign isn't making money,
you need to look for a new approach (or a new job.)

Trigger Marketing Results and Profitability

Response metrics such as Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Sale (ROS), Cost per Acquisition and the Lifetime Value of an Account are all built into the response reporting provided with each and every CORE Trigger Marketing Program. We ensure your marketing dollars are being spent in the most effective and efficient manner possible, so you see concrete results.

Our response reports are specially tailored to include all the key performance indicators that are vital to your organization's marketing goals and success.

These days, there is more pressure than ever to minimize marketing waste and maximize the return on marketing investment. That's exactly what efficient trigger marketing does.

It's time to stop wasting your marketing dollars on the traditional media vehicles that are reaching the wrong consumers - or the right consumers at the wrong time - and realize the advantages of a successfully implemented trigger marketing campaign.